About us

Goran Popov, attorney at law

Attorney at law Goran Popov is the founder of the law office. He graduated from the Law Faculty of the University of Novi Sad. Since 2010 he has been registered in the directory of trainee lawyers of the Bar Association of Vojvodina. As a trainee he practiced law in the law firm Gucunja in Novi Sad. He independently deals with lawyer practice in Novi Sad from 2013 to 2017, and from September 2017 he opens a law office in Senta. Prior to attorney’s office, he gained different skills and experience in dealing with civil society organizations and journalism.

In performing activities, in order to provide complete legal assistance to the client against the needs of a specific market, the law office deals with a wide range of legal areas, both with domestic and foreign clients.

In his work, lawyer Goran Popov uses Serbian, Hungarian, English and German language.


Nemanja Miljkovic, legal trainee

Nemanja attended elementary school and high school in Senta, and graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Novi Sad. Since 2020, he has been entered in the directory of law trainees of the Bar Association of Vojvodina for the purpose of performing a lawyer-trainee exercise with lawyer Goran Popov. During his schooling, he expressed interest in several areas of law by participating in several different courses and seminars.

He uses Serbian, Hungarian and English in his work.


Field of Work

Labor law

  • development of general and individual acts of employers
  • protection of employees against the illegal conduct of the employer
  • protection of employees in case of unlawful termination of the employment contract
  • prevention of discrimination and mobing at work


  • representation in administrative procedures for the protection of copyrights
  • representation in copyright court disputes
  • compensation for damages in case of copyright infringement
  • out-of-court settlement of disputes arising from a violation of copyright and related rights

Criminal law

  • defense of the defendant in criminal proceedings
  • representation of the injured parties in criminal proceedings
  • defense and representation of juveniles in criminal proceedings
  • compensation for damages due to ill-founded deprivation of liberty

Collection of receivables

  • collection of receivables in commercial transactions
  • collection of claims between natural persons
  • representation in enforcement procedures
  • collection of employment receivables


  • compensation for damage due to injury at work
  • compensation for damage from traffic accidents
  • compensation for contractual damages
  • compensation for damages from non-contractual liability (injuries on public spaces, damage caused by committed criminal acts, damage done through media, violation of the rights of the person, etc.)

Family and hereditary relations

  • divorce
  • custody and child support
  • protection against domestic violence
  • testament and the successive contracts
  • hereditary procedure

Commercial law

  • establishment and liquidation of companies
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • preparation of all types of contracts in business operations

Misdemeanor law

  • defense of the defendant in the misdemeanor procedure
  • representation of the injured parties in the misdemeanor procedure
  • customs offenses
  • traffic violations


  • Mediation in accordance with the Law on Mediation in Dispute Resolution

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